Tips for Success With Your Adopted Dog

Helping Dogs Get Over Their Fear of the Car

Brought to you by: Rhonda Bilodeau, Co-Owner of Vermont Dog Pack – Training & Camp Services | (802) 578-2151 We often see client’s that bring in dogs that have developed extreme anxiety and fear on car rides, resulting in shaking, barking, heavy breathing and panting in the car. Most of these dogs are dogs that came...
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Before You Go to the Dog Park

Dog parks can be a great resource for exercising, stimulating and socializing your newly fostered dog. Here are a few things the P4P Team would like you to consider before entering a dog park with your foster pup. Assume you cannot trust other people’s interpretation of their dog’s behavior. (“My dog is friendly and loves...
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Tips On Caring for Hearing Impaired Pups

Positive reinforcement: Smile! Deaf dogs are very aware of facial expressions and body language; Mark the exact second your dog does something right with a “good” sign or simple thumbs up; Give a high valued treat; and Repeat. Visual commands: Use the “see” visual command to get your dogs attention. Start this by putting a...
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A Letter From Your New Dog

A Letter From Your New Rescue Pup

Hi! I am your new rescue dog! Please be patient with me. If I am going to be a part of your family, please understand the following: I’ve probably been bounced around quite a bit, removed from my home, my family… in new buildings with lots of new sounds, smells and people. I am probably...
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