Adoption Process

Adoption Process

When you adopt from Passion 4 Paws, you are providing a dog with the second chance they deserve. Our volunteers are committed to finding the best possible home for each and every one of the dogs we save.


Please do not fill out an Adoption Application unless you are 100% committed to taking care of your new dog for the rest of their life; financially, physically and emotionally. Most of them have already been through too much transition and heartache. We want to be sure they will be happy and have the loving forever home they deserve. Thank You!

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How to Adopt a Dog

The Passion 4 Paws Adoption Process

Option #1: ADOPT!!!

Our Favorite!

Whether our Passion 4 Paws pup is in Vermont or in the South, our approved Adopters have the opportunity to choose which pup they want after consulting with us about best fit! Of course, every dog will need time to learn what is expected and adjust to their new environment and humans, especially if they are puppies or haven’t had the chance to learn. This elite group does not hesitate; they adopt typically prior to even meeting their new dog and transport arriving! This experience is exciting! Don’t worry – we will provide you with more training material than you’ll need! Everything from dog-to-dog introductions to walking on a leash! If you need more information, we will refer you to a great Trainer! You hold the key to your new dog’s success, but we want to help you to help your new dog succeed!

  • An Adoption Application must be completed, processed, and approved
  • A specific dog is chosen
  • Adoption Contract must be signed
  • Adoption Fee must be paid
  • Pick up your new pup!


Passion 4 Paws offers an amazing program for approved adopters to meet their potential furry family member and take him/her home the same day. This includes all of the Steps to Adopt; you intend on Adoption but just want to meet your dog first!


Passion 4 Paws also offers our Foster to Adopt program aimed at local Chittenden County or near of individuals or families that are 99% sure they want to Adopt a specific dog, but the dog is still down South. Our Fosters always receive “First Option” for Adoption of the dog if the individual/family decides they would like to keep their Foster dog (7-10 days to decide). Should this particular dog not turn out to be a fit, the Foster family agrees to foster that dog until he or she is adopted. In order to qualify for this program the following is needed:

  • Must live in an approved area local to Chittenden County, Vermont
  • An Adoption Application must be completed, processed, and approved
  • A specific dog in need of Foster is chosen (in Facebook those pups are “IN NEED OF FOSTER OR ADOPTER)
  • If not adopting the dog, the Foster must be open to bringing dog to events hosted by P4P and the other responsibilities of Fostering

Option #4: MEET & GREET ONLY

Passion 4 Paws offers this program for approved applicants who may like to meet multiple dogs before committing to their new furry family member. In order to qualify for the Meet & Greet program the following must be done:

  • An Adoption Application must be completed, processed, and approved
  • The Foster for the dog must coordinate this meeting according to their schedule and are authorized to determined compatibility
  • If a dog is a match, follow the Steps to Adopt
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