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Passion 4 Paws is a foster-based, dog rescue organization founded by Robin Shover & Tamara Clarke of Shelburne, Vermont.

Robin has invested many years learning best practices to rescue dogs primarily from death row at high kill shelters through working with other rescues where Robin met fellow dog rescue advocate and friend, Tamara, and decided the most effective way to save even more dogs was to establish a new entity in Chittenden County and surrounding areas.

Many people who personally know Robin and Tamara recognize their “passion” and dedication to the dogs. Today, we have an amazing team of professional, highly-dedicated volunteers who help us rescue from high kill shelters, provide safe environments with foster families/adopters, educate the community and advocate for animal rights.

Our group is staffed entirely by volunteers and served by a board of directors. Our efforts are supported through donations, charity events, corporate/employee benefit tax deductible donation programs, and the generosity of animal lovers from within the community. Our rescue focus is exclusive to dogs. 100% of all funds received go directly towards saving dogs and are used strictly for this purpose to include shelter fees, boarding fees, medical bills, transport fees, food, supplies, all in support of our mission.


Passion 4 Paws’ Mission is to rescue homeless, abandoned, neglected or abused dogs primarily from the South where there are thousands of dogs in need. By working with committed Fosters, Volunteers, Supporters, Adopters, Veterinarians, and Trainers both in Vermont and in the South, we will rescue, nurture, provide medical care, housing, and rehabilitation to these precious pups while providing a safe and loving environment for as long as it takes for their families to find and Adopt them in to their forever homes.


Passion 4 Paws’ vision is to decrease the amount of dogs put to death every year (statistically over 9,500 PER DAY), and prevent cruelty and suffering to these voiceless souls. Through humane education via our resources and future educational classes, we aim to increase public awareness regarding the over population of adoptable animals in municipal shelters and beyond. We hope for the Community’s support in whatever capacity one is able to help us with this Mission and Vision which we like to call a Movement, and to that end we are firmly committed to:

  • Rescuing dogs from municipal shelters that are in danger of being euthanized.
  • Educating the public on the importance of responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering of companion animals and micro-chipping pets.
  • Advocating for animals through political participation with our Community representatives


With the amount of donations and support that we have received year-to-date, we have been able to successfully place over 2,800 dogs into loving forever homes. Thank you so much!

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