Meet Our Team

Robin Shover

President & Founder

Where to begin… Robin has always had a love for animals since she was just a little girl. Though challenged in the beginning by what she’d been exposed to in the rescue world, her love has grown in to a “passion” and she realized there was no longer a choice and her purpose is to save as many dogs as she can. The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan is her favorite show; she recognized how critical it is to learn and share awareness of rehabilitating dogs and training people.

Robin had been saving dogs on her own and through other rescue groups for 5+ years when she finally decided to grow her own rescue and spread selflessness to these precious creatures who give and teach us so much as therapy dogs, military dogs and companion dogs. She believes in unconditional love, tolerance, forgiveness, educating children on how to respect and be responsible, opening our hearts and so much more. Her experiences through the years have proved how special these animals are. She is a huge advocate against animal abuse or neglect, and stands for tough laws for the voiceless.

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Katie Anderson

Vice President & Transport & Foster Team Leader

Kate has loved dogs all her life. She is one of those annoying people who can’t let a dog pass by without stopping you to ask what kind of dog it is, how old and if it can be pet — takes a long time to walk up Church Street!

Kate grew up with a Boarder Terrier named Ida who was her best friend. She graduated form UVM in 2003 and has been full time dental hygienist in Burlington since. Shortly after graduation she met her husband and together they got a dog. At 23 and 27 years old they had no idea what they were in for. He was a terrier mix and his name was Duncan. Through trial and error with Duncan they learned a lot about how to handle the unexpected. He was the center of their lives for 12 years. In 2014 he died suddenly and unexpectedly. They were at a loss. Unsure if they were ready for another dog yet or what type of dog they were looking for fostering seemed like a great idea.

On July 4, 2015 they meet there first foster at transport. His name was Brodie and 4 days later they officially adopted him. A few months later they were ready for another foster. Taco came off transport underweight and scared, but tail wagging. Taco was adopted by them 2 weeks later. Both Brodie and Taco were hours away from euthanasia when Passion 4 Paws stepped in and saved them. Taco needed expensive veterinary care to treat heartworm which the rescue covered. If it weren’t for Passion 4 Paws, Brodie and Taco would not be here. Kate and JP volunteer with Passion 4 Paws to help give other dogs a chance at finding there happily ever afters. Kate partners with Jeannine to organize and support our fosters and volunteers.

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Tamara Clarke

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Tamara is an animal lover and a firm believer in second chances. She joined the rescue community back in 2012 when she began fostering rescued dogs in need via Potters Angels Rescue. Having grown up around animals, this came naturally and continued to be a truly rewarding and fulfilling experience as she went on to foster 60+ dogs over the years; all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages with a soft spot for those bully breeds!

Tamara teamed up with Robin in 2013 and together they launched Passion 4 Paws, the newest and hippest of dog rescues here in Chittenden County. In addition to fostering, she heads up the planning and marketing of our fundraising and adoption events within our community supporting our efforts to find the best homes possible for each and every one of the dogs we save.

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Jeannine Longchamp

VIP Volunteer & Foster Team Leader

Jeannine and Robin have known each other for years and when she unexpectedly lost her beloved boxer mix rescue, she noticed Robin posting dogs in need of foster or adoption. Within a short time, one caught her eye and the connection was undeniable. She adopted Doug (aka Fox) in 2014 at their meet and greet (on her birthday!!). In July of 2015, she wanted to give back to this remarkable rescue and began volunteering at adoption events and fundraisers. Along came a pup in need of a foster home that pulled at her heart strings, so with the help of her husband Joe, daughter Keller, son Cameron and her two beloved dogs Benni and Doug, they have since fostered several of our success stories. With Jeannine and her family’s love and passion for dogs, they have opened their home and hearts to these very special pups.

Jeannine went on to accept the VIP role of our Foster Team Leader. She is the “go to” person that oversees all foster dogs and their families, provides assistance with resources/materials, coordinating emails, RSVP’s for adoption/fundraising events and general fostering questions/concerns. If you would like more information on our Foster Program or help with your foster write-up’s, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Stepheni Hunt

Board Member | Application Processing & Communications

Steph started volunteering at local dog rescue walking dogs and taking them out on hikes with her. The more time she spent with these dogs, the more she realized how misunderstood they were. Their stories inspired her to do more and to become more involved – so she began fostering dogs with Passion 4 Paws. Stepheni joined Passion4Paws in July 2015 and serves as the Secretary, oversees application processing and assists with fundraising and adoption events.

“I have laughed, I have cried, I have learned A LOT, but most of all I can’t imagine my life not being part of rescue. I value any role I play in helping a dog find their way… home”

And after over a year of fostering, she “ foster failed” with Abe, a young pup who came along who Steph couldn’t imagine her life without. After adopting Abe, and what this “shelter dog” has brought to her life, rescue work only became more important to her.

Her favorite days are spent out on the trail with rescue pups!

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Mary Kate Shanahan

VIP Volunteer & Volunteer Team Coordinator 

Mary Kate (MK) grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Vermont with her wheaten terrier “Scout” in the Spring of 2016. Soon after, MK started fostering through Passion 4 Paws and helping at events. Shortly after, she and her boyfriend fell in love with a P4P rescue named Nala. MK worked hard to train her and learned a lot about the tenacity of rescue dogs. MK has continued fostering dogs in need and even whelped a litter of puppies after a surprise pregnancy. 

MK was invited to be a VIP Volunteer in the winter of 2017 after attending meetings and helping with transports. She’s now the Volunteer Team Coordinator and is involved in public relations. While working at an OBGYN clinic and as a mental health/substance abuse counselor, MK still finds time to race sled dogs in the winter, bring Scout to work as a therapy dog in the summer, and coach Youth Cheerleading. Her family and friends call her the crazy dog lady and she wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Lindsey Nicole

VIP Volunteer, Vermont Rescue Coordinator, Transport Team Leader & Training Coordinator

Lindsey has loved and surrounded herself with animals her entire life growing up in rural Vermont. Whether it was rehabilitating baby birds, working at the horse farm or volunteering at the local dog shelter, she always felt driven to help the most vulnerable. It wasn’t until she adopted her dog Gracie Mae, a victim of dog fighting, that her eyes were opened to the cruelties and the need to advocate for the helpless.

She joined Passion 4 Paws and has been advocating and networking since and has not only identified rescue needs in the Carolinas but in her own state as well. On a rescue mission with Passion 4 Paws to South Carolina she had an instant connection with her second dog Asher, a neglect and cruelty case. Shortly after, she welcomed him home where he will spend the rest of his life with her and her beloved Gracie Mae, the dog that started her journey in rescue. She has since joined the HSUS Animal Rescue Team and Vermont Disaster Animal Rescue Team (VDART) and continues to coordinate in state rescue and networking of animal cruelty cases and backyard breeding.

Lindsey firmly believes that how we treat our most vulnerable and sentient beings is a sign of where we are as a society. Lindsey is grateful for the like minded rescue “family” she has met along the way and feels she has found her true purpose in life.

Ashley Spears

Head Events & Fundraising Coordinator

Ashley has always been passionate about working with and for human rights organizations. She also has a deep love of animals. After taking on a new career that took her away from this type of work, she began feeling the pull to re-dedicate herself to volunteer work.

After seeing a Passion 4 Paws’ post in which we were seeking help with fundraising, Ashley fearlessly stepped up to the plate. She fell in love with the rescue world and was quickly invited on board as our Head Fundraising and Events Coordinator.

Ashley has amazing organization skills and helps keep our busy team on task with planning for upcoming events!

Since becoming a team member in October of 2017, Ashley has worked along side the Passion 4 Paws team to help plan fundraising events as well as help with whatever else is needed. She is an invaluable resource to the organization and we are so grateful to have her.

She also foster pups in need!

Ashley is excited to continue her work with fundraising and events, and has big plans!

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