LocationShelburne, VT
StatusPending Adoption

Guava is 3 years old, (approx. DOB 1-7-21), female, 60 lbs., vetted, is or will be spayed, and microchipped.

• I wouldn’t consider myself a Diva but I do like to be dressed up!
• I like easygoing and friendly dogs…but not anxious or alpha dogs! I did great in doggy play care where they match me up with dogs I like!
• I show interest with cats outside on walks and have definitely been interested but I don’t leash pull or bark at them. I’m not sure how I feel about cats; I don’t have a focused prey drive.
• I LOVE all people and can excitedly jump up when greeting. Sometimes I am not aware of my size and energy when playing so smaller kids might not be a fit for me, but I have always loved kids. I am patient and is very smart when it comes to learning how to play with kids.
• When I am in the mood to zoom, watch out I am a freight train…but mostly I am happy lounging around while my humans work from home, waiting for walks and food and love!
• I am very socially outgoing…I like to immediately make friends with everyone new! I don’t bark when company arrives and after a greeting, I will relax quickly (right on a new person’s lap if they’ll have me)
• I seem to fall in love with some people over others; I am friendly to all but really lean into some of my favorite human species. I don’t have a preference for any gender and ok with men of a variety of ages/heights.
• I don’t need another dog, but I’d be ok with a buddy if they were easygoing/submissive; I like being the head doggo
• I can be overconfident from a distance (I want to meet them all) but I can be anxious up close. As long as the other dog is relaxed, I relax. Like many dogs, I’m not great at assessing dogs with my eyes!
• I am potty trained, and crate trained but I don’t like it BUT when my humans give me lots of treats in it and I always go right in
• In the house I will take shoes and stuffed animals, but I don’t harm those; I just make my humans find them in the living room a little slobbery. I love that game!
• I haven’t been possessive of food or anything!
• I am not currently left at home alone much, maybe a few hours at a time on weekends. I don’t like it when they leave (I also can get stressed at night with noises like the wind)
• The only time I express myself is when I’m left alone in a crate; I don’t like it but what can a dog do??
• I get to sleep on my futon in a room by myself at night (at least until I scratch to let my humans know I want to go out in the morning. I only do that to fool them so I can get in their bed after until they wake up for real!
• I might be a counter-surfer, especially if pizza is involved; yum yum! I don’t like it when my humans sit in “my” chair; stink eye may ensue lol.
• I know Sit and Crate already!
• I know I look so serious, but I really am a love bug who just wants to make my people happy. I LOVE long walks,
• Best in the busy City or rural calm or doesn’t matter? She’d be fine in any although she would like a place where she could run and wasn’t alone much.
• I would love a home that is a busy family house where lots of people are around to pet me or with someone who will be my very own special human that I can boss (I mean follow) around all day, with room to stretch my legs and run
• My humans feed me once a day, but I eat whenever I want (often when they’re eating but not always). I would love a good walk every day. Guess what?? I started doing short jogs with my older kid human sister and love it!
• Apparently, I am almost too treat motivated… Why can’t a girl get soooo excited to get a treat?! I may sometimes kind to forget what I’m doing when I see treats. But they say I am really such a good girl who knows when I’ve done something I shouldn’t, and I learn quickly because I just want to please.
• PS – I Love to play but am quick to switch to human snuggles!!

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Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

  • Friendly
  • I'm Good With Other Dogs
  • I Like Kids
  • I'm Good With Cats