Post-Pandemic Anxiety Prevention

Souce: Emily Lewis, A Click Away

How pumped is your pup to be with you all day every day? I can tell you that my dogs are stoked. Fisher has taken to laying on our shoes while waiting for his daily hike…

The problem is that we will all return to our “normal” lives at some point. When we do, it’s going to be a huge transition for our dogs. The good news is we can prepare them for that transition now, to prevent separation anxiety later.

Here are some separation anxiety prevention tips for your time in isolation:

1) Try to keep your regular schedule as much as possible. Keep exercise and feeding times the same. Get dressed, put on shoes, jingle your keys. We don’t want those to become anxiety provoking departure cues in the future.

2) If your dog is usually crated while you’re at work, crate them for at least part of each day. Make sure they have something yummy to keep them occupied.

3) If your dog is loose in the house when you’re at work, spend at least part of the day in a separate room. Make sure they’ve got a good chew or puzzle toy to keep them company.

4) Leave then home sometimes. They still need to practice being alone. Always leave your dog with some boredom busters.

5) If your dog already suffers from separation anxiety, now is the perfect time to work on it. We can schedule a remote consult with Zoom to get started. Contact Emily!

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