A Letter From Your New Rescue Pup

Hi! I am your new rescue dog! Please be patient with me. If I am going to be a part of your family, please understand the following:

I’ve probably been bounced around quite a bit, removed from my home, my family… in new buildings with lots of new sounds, smells and people. I am probably tired, overwhelmed and a bit frightened.

I may not know yet when or where I am supposed to potty! If I potty inside, please take me outside right away so I can learn that this is where I need to go. I don’t know yet when I am supposed to eat and my food has probably been changed numerous times so my tummy upsets easily. If I have anxiety (separation anxiety is common) I have to release that energy somewhere (chewing, etc.) so please make sure I have toys and healthy Nylon bones!

I may not recognize the commands you are saying to me; I haven’t learned them yet or maybe they used to be called something else. Please don’t spank or raise a hand to me. I don’t mean to make mistakes. Just look me in the eye and tell me “NO” when I do something wrong. Keeping a spray bottle handy is also helpful in negated unwanted behaviors such as jumping.

Please keep in mind, I might be scared or anxious of certain people if they come at me; especially when they are so much bigger than me. Please squat to the dog’s level and let them approach as slowly as they are comfortable so it will be less intimidating for them. I might be scared or nervous around kids; they have lots of different energy so please don’t leave me alone with them!

Please take me for walks! I need exercise to calm my nerves and make me feel better about all of these changes. It’s also good idea to leave a leash on any dog in the house for the first 2-3 days in case you need to get control.

Please give me time to practice so I can learn my new routine, my new family and my new surroundings. I will do my best to learn with patience, compassion and positive reinforcement.

Please give me as much time as I need to adjust. I need to learn that you are my furever home and trust that you will not give up on me.

Training classes are always a great idea for basic commands and bonding with your new furry family member!

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