Before You Go to the Dog Park

Dog parks can be a great resource for exercising, stimulating and socializing your newly fostered dog. Here are a few things the P4P Team would like you to consider before entering a dog park with your foster pup.

  1. Assume you cannot trust other people’s interpretation of their dog’s behavior. (“My dog is friendly and loves other dogs.”)
  2. Without proper introductions, there is no way to know how each dog will behave in these situations and should not be attempted without a P4P VIP present.
  3. Rescue dogs may not know warning signs from other dogs yet because they may not have been taught. They may take a warning as a threat and could react to defend themselves simply because they don’t understand.
  4. Keep in mind that rescue dogs may often be in defense drive, not social drive when it comes to other dogs (even if they are good with other dogs).
  5. Going for walks to introduce dogs always is best protocol. Walks are great!
  6. Exercise is ESSENTIAL to your foster pup’s well-being and behavior.

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