Although I already had 2 dogs at home, Maddie – our 1st foster fail from P4P and Bella, I kept seeing Robin’s plea for a foster arriving in a few days. There was a photo of this sad, scared pup whose face I could not resist. I debated answering Robin’s call for a few hours but could not get past this feeling that I needed to help.
So bright and early Saturday morning my daughter and I met the transport. He was next to last to come off and had to be carried in since he was terribly frightened.
In the car he warmed up to Emma and was sitting with her and on his new bed. When we got home, he met our two dogs and the blending of the 3 went very well. Cooper took to our larger dog Maddie and followed her everywhere including snuggling up to sleep at night. There is nothing like a dog taking his spot on the bed and laying his head on yours! After a few weeks of settling in, and some tips from the wonderful ladies at P4P, Cooper was adopted!!
How could we let that little face go?
He had tried so hard to fit in with our little family!

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