Passion 4 Paws and a foster family had something miraculous happen this weekend! Do you remember Tonka? He was the boy we were able to save at the last minute in S. Carolina that literally had 1.5 hours left to his life. At 7 years old his family dropped him off at a shelter that terminates dogs lives if they are not rescued. We saw how good of a boy he was from a video one of the volunteers had made. We had to give him a new name because his name was not provided for some reason we don’t understand. We named him “Tonka”. Upon posting him to our Page one of our P4P foster families, Chelsea and Eric, immediately connected to his picture and wanted to foster him! He went through his journey of rescue and arrived on Oct. 11th; we all were so happy to see him! We wondered what his name used to be. His foster family tried certain names and words to see if he responded to any. Well apparently his foster Dad, Eric, was play a video game and said out loud, “Harley”. Out of a sound sleep Tonka woke up and came running. They’ve tried it a few more times and he response SO well to it. They have tried similar sounding names but it is for sure Harley!! He gets so excited when he hears his name and is a very happy boy! He probably feels like he has won the lottery; a loving foster home and they know his name! Shame on his family who abandoned him like so many do down in that area. We cannot even imagine what they were thinking. So we are announcing that his name is officially changed to “Harley”! Please stayed tuned for what we hope is more good news for Harley!

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