MICKEY’S TAIL  This is just one story……….of many dogs saved!   Found at a McDonalds in South Carolina as a homeless unloved stray on August 12th of 2013 and turned in to a high kill shelter; Mickey (his shelter name) was a scared boy.  His street life had turned in to a caged life.  However, soon Mickey found himself literally out of time. You see, this shelter had one case of Influenza; all dogs that were showing signs of coughing which is common in shelters and otherwise known as treatable “kennel cough” were to be put down untested for the “cold” if not spoken for by noon on Friday August 23rd.  Mickey found himself amongst a majority other 88 dogs total on that “to be destroyed list”; rescues only received 12 hour notice of the shelter’s intention.  If Mickey was not confirmed by 12 noon and physically removed from the SC shelter by 7pm in South Carolina he would not make it out alive.  With the help of many Angels along the way of transportation, vet visits, foster homes, donations, and more Mickey made it to Vermont.  Mickey finally arrived in Vermont on September 28th, 2013 and was fostered with our own Shannon Benway who showed him what true love and compassion was.

Mickey did a meet and greet with an adopter who had submitted an Application. She wasn’t quite sure Mickey was a fit for their family; but after a 2nd meet and greet to reassure Mickey found his forever home!  Never to be abandoned again and never to feel the cold lonely streets he now has a cat sibling named Dexter and 2 children siblings plus a Mom and Dad who love him so much they cannot believe they ever lived without him.  Mickey’s new name is Journey in honor of his troubled path to get home!  Journey lives in South Burlington, VT has recently received his Therapy license and visits lonely people in local Vermont nursing homes to brighten their day; he is giving back and paying it forward to other lonely souls. We love you Journey!

From a stray on the streets of South Carolina struggling to survive, to a high kill shelter in SC with a time cut short to live due to and Influenza outbreak in the shelter, being passed over a back shelter gate on borrowed time not knowing where he is going next, a two hour ride to boarding, weeks of boarding, learning to trust again, to Vermont and an amazing foster home who taught him to trust, to his forever loving family!

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