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LocationShelburne, VT

Tucker is 3 years old (approx. DOB 11-5-16), male, 20 lbs., vetted, is or will be neutered, and micro-chipped. Tucker is a small breed mixed pup and is full grown at a petite 20 lbs. We found this boy out of time at the shelter because he had what appeared to be a broken leg and the shelter could not provide him the medical attention he needed. We weren’t sure we would be able to save his leg but we did! From his SC caretaker: ” After over 3 weeks post-op, his recovery is amazing. It wasn’t long before his sweet, comedian personality started to show. Tucker is an eternal optimist. He sees the good in every situation and is always happy. And this young boy KNOWS that his life was saved and he is THANKFUL! He has a high desire to please and needs minimal correction. He loves people and like to be close, but he is not clingy or needy. He takes his job as companion very seriously. He faithfully accompanies his person and waits patiently outside the bathroom door at 2am, on the rug in the kitchen during dinner prep, on the chair in the office during endless phone calls and all night on his dog bed in the bedroom. Wherever you are, Tucker is there. He likes to sit close and LOVES to be petted and cuddled, but he will also give you space when you tell him to “get down”. He currently lives with 10 dogs between 5 lbs and 100 lbs and he gets along with everybody. He also shares his foster home with 3 cats and although he is interested in them, he doesn’t harass or chase them. He is OK being crated while his foster parents are away from home, but has earned the privilege of sleeping outside of his crate at night. He loves toys and he is still a young boy and occasionally mistakes what IS and IS NOT a toy, like a stolen roll of toilet paper, but he is not intentionally destructive. And he is not overly vocal. In fact he does NOT participate in the morning howl and looks a little disgusted when it happens. He does love to play with a person and will puppy bow and wrestle when his person initiates it. He doesn’t participate in the big dog wresting matches, but they are SO much bigger and he has been under restricted activity. He prefers to play and roll around on the floor with the little dogs. When he first came in, he was very thin and hungry. And he was not familiar with house rules and manners. He was a typical street kid and I think he had been on his own for a while. But he caught on so quickly. His worse behavior was food protection. We’ve worked on it and he has greatly improved. He still doesn’t like other dogs to crowd him while he is eating, but he is OK with them in the same space and he is OK with me taking the bowl away from him while he is eating. I would advise caution around young children. He is a bottomless pit and will take advantage of an unattended food bowl, but will leave it when I tell him “no”. He likes treats and is fairly good at taking them gently. He has a medium energy level and he has quickly developed nice house manners. He learns quickly and he doesn’t like his person to be upset with him. He has very expressive ears and you can gauge his mood by the “ear elevation”. He has a sense of humor and loves to make his person laugh. “

Stay tuned for more information as Tucker is a new rescue!

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