LocationShelburne, VT

Roxy is 4 years old (approx. DOB tbd), female, 71 lbs., vetted, is or will be spayed, and micro-chipped. Roxy was living her life on a chain (along with Butters & Chrissy) until our rescue partners came to save her. Roxy has been a mama; we love our mama dogs! In her NC Foster’s home Roxy is an extremely loving girl who thrives with attention. She enjoys playing, toys, runs/walks, and being pet and loved on. She is hilarious and so adorable! Her ability to pick up cues and commands is outstanding! She will let you know if she needs to do her business outside. She is crate trained and being leash trained and come a long way (walks left side). Miss Roxy can sometimes be a PITA to other dogs, however, it is out of playfulness and not ill will. She LOVES to play with other dogs and LOVES people…. EVERYONE! She loves baths, car rides, and laying in the sun! Roxy is Spunky and silly. She has undergone basic training (tricks, leash, crate, and the “out of my kitchen while I’m cooking” command) and absolutely adore lots of love and cuddles. Please NO cats though! She needs consistency, dog friends. As her leash training is underway, she still gets excited around other animals, and wants nothing more than to play. If a squirrel decides to cross her path, she will want to chase it emphasizing the leash training continue! Normal walking and running she does not pull, as long as you remind her. Roxy’s dream home: The nirvana for Roxy is thriving in a house with organized chaos. If this house has teenagers/preteens, even better. The ability to rough house (with expectations), meet new human and doggie friends, and tons of attention would be ideal. She’d be the perfect companion for adventures! She would also be great with a single or two pair family. She is active and excitable. A fence would be helpful for her to release some energy and, as mentioned the ability to play with “friends” at a dog park once settled with her new family or doggie day care would make her extremely happy! Recently her Foster Mom told us that she’s picking up on doggy social cues so much better! Also she is improving on playing by herself or with the humans and not bombarding the other pups. Stay tuned for more information as Roxy is a new rescue!

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Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

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