LocationShelburne, VT

Raven is 10 months old (approx. DOB 12-21-19), female, 30 lbs., vetted, is or will be spayed, and micro-chipped. Raven is in the process of starting her life over so she is very nervous after arriving to Vermont. She is incredibly fearful and will need time to decompress and learn to trust people.  

Update on Raven from her VT Foster 2-8-21:  

Raven is still not at all comfortable leaving the yard, on leash or otherwise so going for walks is still not looking good for her. HOWEVER, Raven LOVES running and bunny hopping through the snow! She runs freely in the yard with her 4 legged sibling! Raven has little by little been coming out of her shell and has discovered she has zoomies. She is still very reserved and not fully trusting but she is getting there. She has discovered that she really likes crackling sounding toys but not really squeaky toys. She is very assertive and curious. She does not like to be left alone; it will give her anxiety. She feels most confident when she is with her family. She has major separation anxiety, but they have found she does not do as well in a crate as she did initially. They have worked on teaching her a crate is a positive place but she is not interested in it at all. She still has work to do but she’s progressed beautifully! Stay tuned for more information as Raven is a new rescue!

If you are interested in adopting Raven please fill out an Application.

Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

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