LocationShelburne, VT

Princess is 8 years old (approx DOB 6-2-11), female, 70 lbs., vetted, is or will be spayed, and micro-chipped.

Princess was a shelter favorite:

“She’s a sweet older lady. She’s very gentle and likes to do her own thing in playgroup.”

“I love her!! She is so sweet!!! House trained and she has great energy . She like to go outside and run around in the field. She wants to find her “person” she would be very loyal! I think she would even be great with someone that runs! She also seems to like cars and is used to goin on car rides. Every time I walk her beside a car she wants to get in. (That or she just wants to get out of here that bad)”

“So she is great with all dogs. Super cat friendly 💗🐈 my cat even scratched her and she jumped up in the air lol she really is awesome! I can even let her out in the front yard and she comes right back to the house. She also does great with children. She is extremely tolerant of my terrible two yr old. Princess is the best patient ! Notice all the toys on the floor, she doesn’t chew a thing. (Only her toys). I worked 9 hours yesterday and left her in my room not crated and she is perfect!! House trained , good with all kids, all dogs and cats. She would thrive in her forever home! “

“Great with the cats and my dog! One of my cats really LOVES her and won’t stop rubbing up on her lol. She is a big girl! When she is standing normally her head is at my hips (5’6 for reference). Super sweet though, potty trained. Didn’t move a muscle from the doggy bed throughout the night. In the cat picture, she makes my 21 lb orange and white cat look normal sized lol”. (In her new VT foster home Princess was nervous, didn’t know her place, tested a couple of the resident dogs, and was scared of her new foster dad until she had some time to warm up. She is now referred to as “Velcro dog”.

Stay tuned for more information as Princess is a new rescue!

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Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

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