LocationShelburne, VT

Noel is 3 years old (approx. DOB 12-31-16), female, 56 lbs., vetted, is or will be neutered, and micro-chipped. Noel is a sweet shy girl that needs time to feel comfortable in a new environment; because of this she was #1 on the list to leave this world when we rescued her because she had no interest from anyone! Plus she was Heartworm positive (since treated)! She also has an irregular pattern scar on her back which appears to be from a chemical burn which could explain her fear of strangers. Per the shelter staff she is a sweet girl and seemed to pay no attention to the cats in the exam room.

Per her SC foster: Noel gets along well with other dogs, is crate trained, is fearful of strangers, and needs time to warm up on her own terms. She seems house trained and does her potty business as soon as she gets outside (not to say that any new dog wont have accidents while learning where and when to potty), She would do best in a home without scary things and a lot of commotion; not sure how she would do with an overly rambunctious young dog, but the presence of another calm dog would probably be good for her. She is very sweet and content to sit next to you and get pets. Noel knows sit and will come when called; but like any dog we do not advise being off leash outside of a fenced yard; especially with her given her fear of strangers losing her would be devastating and it would be hard to earn her trust to get her to come back. She sleeps a fair amount and loves to just sit or lay down next to you. She demands very little in the way of attention, just content to sit near you and get some pets and scratches. She likes bones, will briefly fetch certain toys and balls, but loses interest quickly and prefers to just hang out near you wherever you are. She loves to lay in the sunshine outside. She likes her crate and sleeps in there and stays there contently when we are not home. She likes to chew on bones, not as interested in toys. She has occasional moments of playfulness, but mostly she just wants to be close to her humans. She only barks when we come home or,the other dogs are barking at noise outside and doesn’t really whine. Noel is a genuine sweetheart and will be an easy pet to have around, just has some fear issues to overcome. Stay tuned for more information as Noel is a new rescue!

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