LocationShelburne, VT

Nellie is approx. 10 weeks old (approx DOB tba), approx 20 lbs, female, initial vetting done, and is not spayed (must be by Adopter). Nellie would do best in a home with another dog. Per her SC foster: She is good with other dogs, crate trained (seems to enjoy it), good with kids, likes car rides, does not seem to exhibit a prey drive, is a quieter girl, has medium energy, and will whine if she has to potty.

“Nellie loves other dogs. She absolutely loves her foster brother Enzo who is also adoptable. Nellie thrives around other dogs. She likes to be in charge of them. She is so little so its funny to watch her try to direct a 70 pound dog. She is a very entertaining dog, and extremely loving. Nellie does not like the cold weather and loves to curl up in her person’s jacket and just be carried around like a baby in baby Bjorn pack. She would do well in a household with another dog. But not a dominant type of a dog. She is also respectful of other dogs and listens to direction. She and my alpha dog Lily who doesn’t tolerate many female dogs would cuddle together and my Lily considered Nellie her puppy. Nellie is one of the most beautiful puppies and very petite. She is more of a princess and just wants to cuddle all the time, give kisses and just overall laps up attention from people to no end. She knows Sit and Come. She loves a peanut butter Kong and gets a small one twice a day. She loves chasing her foster brother Enzo in the yard. In the case we are away, Nellie is crated next to two other foster dogs. She is a very social dog, so being around other dogs is important to her and makes her content. If she could she would want to be in the same create with her foster brother Enzo, who is her best friend. She is an amazing dog. We totally love her. Nellie is a phenomenal dog. Every time I would see her little wrinkly face after coming home from work, she would make me smile every time. She will prance outside like a little princess and is hilarious to watch when she runs. She is actually just as fast as the big dogs, but her little legs are working overtime. When she is picked up and carried to go potty she showers you with kisses and hugs. We love little Nell Bell – that’s what we call her. We will definitely miss her.”

She is a puppy that will require everything a baby puppy needs (frequent potty breaks, potty training, basic training, socialization, and lots of love). We do not know what breed she is; an Adopter can have a DNA test done if preferred but we do not do DNA tests (parents are unknown).**

If you are interested in adopting Nellie please fill out an application.

**Please know we get countless apps for puppies and cannot guarantee placement if you submit an Adoption Application. Also puppies cannot be left home alone for long days; we will prioritize apps that have another dog at home.

Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

  • Friendly
  • I'm Good With Other Dogs
  • I Like Kids