LocationShelburne, VT

Mikey is 2 years old (approx. DOB 3-16-18), male, 30 lbs., vetted, is or will be neutered, and micro-chipped. Seems to like other dogs, nervous in a new environment, needs someone patient and willing to let Mikey progress at his own pace. He is extremely food motivated which can be used to help him learn trust.
He walks well on leash though gets mesmerized by things he sees that he doesn’t understand and will stop and stare (moving water water for example). We believe his world was very small and he was exposed to very little. If he’s in a new place, he feels more secure with another dog. Intermediate experience would be best and someone who is home more than not; little kids might make him nervous. His current caretaker in SC says: Mikey is very treat motivated and would do best in a home where he has another dog to play with. He has been learning how to integrate with new people and new dogs in doggy daycare 3x per week. Once Mikey has transitioned (hard for any sensitive dog when starting over that doesnt know if he is going to be abandoned again) he is incredibly affectionate, bonded, boisterous, likes to be held at times, likes to be a lap dog, and is fearless when out on hiking trails. Things are more scary for him indoors. Mikey’s ideal home would be experienced, minimal loud noises and over stimulating situations (country). primarily an adult home, and another well balanced dog that would want to play with him. Mikey is an incredibly dandy dapper dude when he’s feeling confident – just give him time and help to get there. Stay tuned for more information as Mikey is a new rescue!

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