LocationShelburne, VT

Maynard is 12 months old (approx. DOB 2-17-19), male, 65 lbs., vetted, is or will be neutered, and micro-chipped.

Lots of great info from his SC Foster Mom: Maynard has a very typical young male hound personality. He has NEVER met a person, dog or cat that he didn’t LOVE (I mean LOVE). He also has NO idea that he weighs 65lbs. He is so lovable and such a good boy, with a 100% positive attitude, but he is a bit of a big, clumsy, floppy boy. The good news is that he has a very STRONG desire to do what is right and make his person happy. The bad news is that he sometimes crashes into people, other dogs, doorways, gates and large furniture before he figures out the ground rules. But, you just have to laugh at him because he is SO goofy and lovable.

He is fine with dogs and with savvy cats. He thinks cats are more of an animated dog chew toy. He has no clue about walking on a leash and needs work in that area. After his shelter stent, he was recovering from kennel cough and any leash work exasperated his coughing, so his training concentrated on house manners. He slept in a crate for over a week, but didn’t like it. He barked for a minute and then he was quiet. But he did SO well learning the house rules, getting along with the permanent pack members and potty training that he earned the right to sleep loose. He has NO accidents in the house since maybe 1 or 2 the first day. He is a clean dog and he takes treats nicely and knows to sit for treats and sit to get his food bowl.

His energy level is more medium, but he seems high at first because he is young and excitable when meeting people. He quickly settles and is fairly laid back in the house most of the time. He barks when the other dogs bark and has the deepest hound ringing bay imaginable.

He has been fine with 8 other dogs and 3 cats and my group is fairly pushy. I have pushy girls that don’t take any crap off of a young boy that thinks he is a Romeo and he is OK being put in his place. I also have fairly dominant males and he has been fine with them. After a few corrections both from the dogs and people in the family he QUICKLY learned the ropes.

This boy LOVES his people and wants NOTHING more than to be with them 24/7. He did push his way out of a gate that wasn’t latched on Saturday but just ran straight to me and didn’t wander. He had no desire for anything other than to be with me.

Stay tuned for more information as Maynard is a new rescue!

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