LocationShelburne, VT

Maizie is 8 years old, female (approx. DOB 10-22-14), 32 lbs., vetted, is or will be spayed, and micro-chipped. This sweet pup loves nothing more than to make her humans happy! Maizie’s immediate sit for treats will have you impressed; other commands known: crate, sit, come, knows her name, potty/outside, walk, and car ride! She’s also low-medium energy and house trained, making her a great addition to any family! She is good with other dogs, has been good with cats (she’s scared of them) Maizie is a “den crate” dog…………..she likes her crate tucked in a quiet place in the house with still the ability to hear what is going on though not in the middle of everything. She likes to have her crate fully covered by a sheet to make it more dark, cozy and den like! She loves a crate bed, blankets and pillows in her crate (no issues with chewing). Maizie is honestly a cat in a dog’s body, she is very sweet, loyal, independent, and calm. She seeks out love and attention when she wants it and lets you know with a grumble or pulling away when she is done. At times her nickname is Chewbacca because she talks (purrs) when she is getting all the love and it is just her sharing her pure joy! She quickly adjusts to routine change and is not stuck with every day being the same. Her favorite spot is to chill on a dog bed by the couch and just be. She will snuggle on the couch if you let her and she is in the mood. She is very loyal and when home, knows where all the people are. Stay tuned for more information as Maizie is a new rescue!

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