LocationShelburne, VT
StatusAvailable for Adoption

Lola is 13 months old, female (approx. DOB 12-22-22), 36 lbs., vetted, is or will be spayed, and microchipped.

In her current host home (rural, 2 cats, one human):
• I am good with some dogs and not good with others; some don’t like me. I haven’t had a lot of practice with proper introductions and the most experience I’ve had was when I was homeless which other dogs can be scary! I’d likely be happiest being the center of attention and not being judged.
• I like to chase cats because I have a prey drive to chase; my human said she would keep me if I was good with the cats or if she didn’t have any 🙁
• I have not been around small kids but I think I’d thrive with a 10+ year old that could play and run and be my best friend.
• I have medium+ energy and love people of all genders.
• I am really good at going in my crate when I have an incentive! (treat anyone?)
• I will whine a little to let my humans know I’m not happy about it at first but I settle down.
• I am potty trained! I’ll let you know by pacing back and forth and staring at you………….since I can’t talk!
• I am expressive with my mouth and like to catch things; I’d do great being redirected with lots of toys and appropriate chew bones! If things get quiet you may want to check on me to see what I am doing to entertain myself!
• I love my food and don’t care to share it with anyone; I was starving when alone trying to survive in the south without a home!
• My foster mom doesn’t leave me alone a lot so I’d love a new home the same!
• While I don’t exhibit anxiety alone I’m not used to it so I’m not sure how I’d do.
• I can whine a little bit but my current home is pretty quiet and relaxing
• I don’t have a lot of experience on a leash but when I’ve gone out I’ve been fine seeing people
• I currently sleep on the floor next to my human with my favorite blanket and toys
• I have a weird little quirk and I’m not sure why; sometimes I think I see something behind me that scares me when there is food or treats around; I think my tail is trying to get the food that I cherish so much. Maybe it’s because in the south other stray dogs were taking all the food and I rarely found any. I will bit my tail and foot but I’ve been working on that with my human and I doing much better knowing it’s my body!
• I know: Sit, Easy (taking treats), and Paw (shakes) and am currently working on Stay Down to not jump
• I am a very grateful and happy dog that just wants to be loved 24/7. I give LOTS of kisses; so my humans need to pucker up!
• I currently live in a rural area in the middle of nowhere and do well. I love to be outside and go for walks.
• Ideally I’d be happiest as the only dog and no cats, somewhere I can walk and run! A yard? I love to be outside. Once I learn even more I think I’ll be a very playful dog! I am learning what balls and toys are. I just want to find my forever family and best friends!
• I love it when I get a few treats throughout the day while practicing “Paw” and “Sit” etc. I love learning and seeing the glee on my human’s face! I go for walks after breakfast and dinner and also a long walk at noon!

If you are interested in adopting Lola please fill out an Application.

Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

  • Friendly
  • I'm Good With Other Dogs