LocationShelburne, VT

Ghost is 4+ years old (approx. DOB 7-16-15), male, 55 lbs., vetted, is or will be neutered, and micro-chipped. Our poor boy is a victim of Military orders to Hawaii and although every option was explored it is not possible for his family to bring him……… he needs a very special home since he will be losing the family he loves. In his current home Ghost is friendly with kids, crate trained, exhibits a prey drive (no cats please), and prefers to be the center of attention. He also really likes mental exercise and enjoys learning new tricks/commands and playing with puzzle dog toys. He is potty trained, has medium energy, walks well on a leash, and loves to chew on his toys, and loves cuddling. Ghost sleeps soundly through the night. He knows the following commands: Sit, Lie Down, Rollover, Paw (shake hands), Wave, Spin, Come, Stay, Wait, Let’s go, Leave it, Off, Up, Look at me, Walk with me (heel), Get it (fetch), Drop it, Quiet, Place (goes to dog bed), Crate (goes to crate)… he loves learning new commands and picks them up quickly! Rarely gets mouthy when he is very excited, but quickly stops if you stop giving him attention/turn away. Occasionally Ghost can be mouth but is easy to redirect if you start giving him commands/mental stimulation. Ghost is very sweet and a huge goofball.

Per his family: “Ghost would really flourish in a home located in a quieter and possibly more remote area. He would do better in a home with a yard. We’ve had him in a busy apartment complex where there are a lot of noises and dogs he doesn’t know, which can put him on edge (he will bark at things). But he loves people so much and is always very excited to greet human visitors. Please give him many belly rubs, he will ask for belly rubs all day long. He is the belly rub king! He’s great to walk on leash. Occasionally will pull but stops as soon as you tell him to wait. With treats he will happily walk right by your left side. We have loved him so much and we are confident he will flourish in the right home. He’s the best boy!”

If you are interested in adopting Ghost please fill out an Application.

Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

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