LocationShelburne, VT

Enzo is approx. 13 weeks old (approx DOB tba), approx 38 lbs, male, initial vetting done, and is not neutered (must be by Adopter). Enzo is going to be a larger boy but he has low-medium balanced energy!

In his current SC home: Enzo is great with other dogs, crate trained (likes it), loves to go for car ride, good with kids, already potty trained (smart), “Enzo has no issues and is an absolutely phenomenal puppy. He is the calmest, sweetest puppy for his age, that I have ever been around. He sits by you when he wants attention and to be petted, is extremely loving, very low key and looks to a human for direction. He absolutely LOVES his foster sister Nellie who is the same age. He also plays phenomenally well with our big dogs. He has never had an accident in his crate or anywhere while with us. To me he seems like a therapy dog in the making. I’ve never been around a puppy with such a calm demeanor. The best type of a home for Enzo would be in a home with his foster sister Nellie as they are phenomenal together. He definitely needs another dog in the house, with the same type of demeanor as he is – which is very calm and low key. He is the sweetest, softest fur baby ever. His fur is sooo soft, like velvet. He will be a big boy, but he is so gentle and good with all people and so very respectful. He listens great to direction and just wants to be loved on all the time. He will sit by your feet when he wants to be petted and can stay like that for as long as he is being petted. Enzo knows how to sit, come and stay. We haven’t had time to teach him anything else, but he is sooo smart and such a quick learner. He is very gentle and sits and waits to be petted. He is such a calm boy. Enzo is a very special dog. If I could foster fail on any dog, he would be it. He is a perfect puppy and when grown will make a phenomenal therapy dog, based on his current demeanor and maturity level. He will be a gentle giant when all grown up. He loves to be held like a baby and carried, and he loves to snuggle up to his human. He would be a great addition to any human bed on the cold Vermont nights.”

He is a puppy that will require everything a baby puppy needs (frequent potty breaks, potty training, basic training, socialization, and lots of love). We do not know what breed he is; an Adopter can have a DNA test done if preferred but we do not do DNA tests (parents are unknown).**

If you are interested in adopting Enzo please fill out an application.

**Please know we get countless apps for puppies and cannot guarantee placement if you submit an Adoption Application. Also puppies cannot be left home alone for long days; we will prioritize apps that have another dog at home.

Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

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