Daberton aka Dabers

Daberton aka Dabers

LocationShelburne, VT

Dabers is 12 months (approx. DOB tba), male, 55 lbs., vetted, is or will be neutered, and micro-chipped. He was found homeless in SC and brought to the shelter. .At the shelter Dabers was very introverted and shy, shut down. Per his foster in SC: After 2.5 weeks Daberton started to give social positive cues towards other dogs. Before this he would be quiet and reserved and if a dog approached he would retreat. I believe he is a GSD/Hound mix that still very much has a 6 month old hounds mentality! This sweet young boy came to the shelter scared and covered in flea dirt which we thought were scabs as they were all encompassing. Miraculously he was very healthy. It took a while for him to start showing interest in me, and his body language and facial expressions were very hard to read. It turned out that he was just scared of many things and the solution he came to was to freeze and wait for it to pass him by. I worked with him daily in the shelter and fostered him as his personality began to show. He warms up to people much faster now and is very cuddly and playful.

When we introduced him to another dog at the shelter he displayed behaviors akin to insecurity, confusion and quiet anxiety. In my professional opinion, it is my belief that he had never interacted with nor possibly seen another dog up to this point in his life before. In our home he adjusted fairly quickly and was comfortable in his crate after a day of positive association with it and has been comfortably sleeping in it at night since he has been here. He displayed similar reactions to our dogs during introductions in the first week (uncertainty, nervousness, avoidance) so we did not push him. We waited until he started showing positive, inviting body language at a distance before introducing and he played amazingly! He is still going to need support and conscious awareness from his new family. He will not be a dog that thrives in dog parks or daycares, nor bustling downtown city streets. He will thrive with a family that gives him attention, enriching opportunities for play, and plenty of butt scratches! Stay tuned for more information as Daberton is a new rescue!

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