LocationShelburne, VT

Charlie is 2 years old (approx. DOB 3-22-17), male, 60 lbs., vetted, is or will be neutered, and micro-chipped. In his current foster home in SC Charlie is good with other dogs, loves kids, is crate trained (doesn’t like it though), likes to ride in the car, and does not show any prey drive toward smaller animal so may be ok with cats. He is potty trained, and current lives with his 6 and 7 year old human children, has low energy, walks well on a leash. This is one of the BEST dogs! He loves people, is happy all the time, great with dogs, and can balance play & relaxation perfectly. Charlie has an old injury to his lower leg but it doesn’t seem to bother or hinder him in the least. He can run around the play yard with the fastest dogs and then will just relax in the shade. Charlie has had a very rough unwanted life. Charlie has had some trauma to his legs/shoulders, he has metal in his elbow from a bullet, and body has been riddled with BB’s; the Vet at the shelter was going to put Charlie to sleep because he thought no one would want him (we immediately confirmed him to P4P). Good news is our Vet in SC thinks it’s just functional lameness which shouldn’t be an issue now or long term. There is no surgery option. He has metal in his elbow which has actually fused the joint together. It’s causing his range of motion of that leg be limited BUT he thinks that’s it…no pain. Charlie should live a happy normal life with just an odd gait. The Vet clinic staff loved him and he hammed it up to get plenty of belly rubs! Despite this guy’s past, he is an extremely humble dog and gracious for every good moment. His current foster mom says: He is a very calm, chill guy who loves to lounge around. He is not very interested in toys or bones or food, but loves attention & going on walks. He is perfectly well mannered and has an amazing demeanor. I personally think he would make a great therapy dog. Other dogs do not bother him in the least and he will occasionally play with them, but he mostly ignores them. He has not shown any signs of resource guarding or aggression towards them and fits in perfectly. I would think he would do better with calmer dogs like himself (so he doesn’t try to play & put strain on his legs) or he would be fine as an only dog as well. Amazing with kids! He is extremely gentle, loving, no issues with trying to take food from them, he is calm and won’t knock them down, and very trustworthy with any age child. Charlie has one of the best demeanors we have ever had in a foster. He is very calm and loving. He has no bad habits. He is friendly with strangers, dogs, kids, non-destructive, house trained, doesn’t bark/whine, no anxiety, confident, no aggression, and just a very happy & content dog.

Stay tuned for more information as Charlie is a new rescue!

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