LocationShelburne, VT

Cedric is 12 months old (approx. DOB 2-15-20), male, 43 lbs., vetted, is or will be neutered, and micro-chipped. 

Cedric arrived to Vermont this fall on our Pilots N Paws flight completely shut down and fearful of everything. We have not adopted him out while he builds trust and learns about the world and how to be a dog. Though he is currently very frightened of people and new situations, he is working hard to learn that he is safe now and that the big, wide world doesn’t need to be scary for him anymore. He is getting some great mentoring from the dog he is currently living with.  

Many things are still scary to Cedric, but he is making progress everyday and is a different dog than the one who would not leave his bed in the corner. Each day he is getting braver. With his braveness, he’s discovered some great loves. His favorite thing is fried eggs (with bacon and chicken coming in closely behind). He gobbles these right up from his foster mom and dad’s hands. He enjoys napping in a sun drenched dog bed, even better if his doggie foster brother is in bed with him. Cedric has discovered what fun toys are. His favorites are the already unstuffed ones which he gathers and carries into his bed when no one is looking. Then he sleeps with all of them. 

Right now, Cedric is a flight risk; he is currently kept on a double lead while we introduce him to getting outside more. Practice is very important but the process is very scary for Cedric. If he is very scared and thinks he can flee, he will try, but he is learning to look to his people for support. He is a very smart boy who we know in time will heal and relax.  
His very special forever parents will have love, empathy, and patience to let him blossom in his own time. He is seeking a committed Adopter that has another dog, no little kids, lives in an area that is calmer (avoid loud noises frequently), a yard with a very secure fence, and that is willing to dedicate the time and effort it takes for him to build trust with new people, continue growing and to developing a trusting relationship with him. His ideal home will have at least one dog who can show him the ropes and who he can look to for observing trust and help him overcome obstacles.  

We know he will heal; but it will be on his own watch and in his own comfort zone. His very special home will have patience and empathy to let him just “be” until he is ready. His ideal home will be knowledgeable about fearful dog and will work with our Team on how to help him. Also he will need another dog or dogs around that he can look to for observing trust with humans. He seems to respond to love all dogs; particularly if they are “spunky”! Stay tuned for more information!

If you are interested in adopting Cedric please fill out an Application.

Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

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