Buddy (aka Rocket)

Buddy aka Rocket

LocationShelburne, VT

Buddy (aka Rocket) is approx. 6 years old, male, 57 lbs., vetted, is or will be neutered, and micro-chipped. Rocket is potty trained, good with kids, dogs, and horses (prefers male dogs at his current caretakers). He loves carrots, plain Greek yogurt, and chew bones! Rocket loves to be wherever you are. At night he likes to sleep in a dog bed next to our bed. He’s very well mannered:; he doesn’t jump on furniture, waits for the “OK” before eating his dinner, takes food gently from your hands, and walks well on a leash. We would describe him as a perfect gentleman. If you let him, he’ll go hours without going to the bathroom, so don’t be surprised if he’d rather sleep in in the mornings than get up. He loves to sit outside in the sunshine (current foster has a fenced yard), even on the cold days. Rocket likes belly rubs and chest scratches, and will paw you for extra pets. He can be very snugly.He has been very good with our two small dogs, and has been good with dogs that have visited his home, but does seem to prefer calmer male dogs. He has been phenomenal with a 4 yr old daughter. He’ll let her walk him on the leash, snuggle with him, and takes treats nicely from her. He’s a great dog for a kid who doesn’t mind a calmer dog. In the house he won’t play, but loves a little game of fetch out in the yard. You do have to watch him around small plastic toys. He loves to chew on them…the smaller the better. Rockets limp doesn’t seem to bother him too much; we had him checked at the Vet in SC and they believe it is an old injury, but there is nothing to do about it. He”ll run around outside like it isn’t injured at all but on cold rainy days he does act like it is bothering him (usually a little grumpy). He’s on a low dose of Rimadyl that has given him some relief and more energy. Rocket is such an easy going, loving dog who would make a great addition to a family!

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