LocationShelburne, VT

Brownie is 5 1/2 years old (approx. DOB tba), female, 30 bs., vetted, is or will be spayed, and micro-chipped. This sweet girl we found at the shelter out of time due to what they perceived as being hit by a car and had a broken back. We had to save her and give her a chance and we are so glad we did! She is good with dogs, cats, and is house trained.

We had to share this from her SC caretaker: “Let me sum her personality up: Did you ever have an older aunt that outlived 5 husbands, wore lipstick, smoked Camels and drank Scotch? That’s Brownie. She is absolute hoot. She has been with me for 9 weeks (to get through her medical needs). She was supposed to be completely on restricted activity for 6 weeks…. that lasted about 10 days… I did everything that I could to keep her quiet, etc. And she gave me the “hand” and said she wasn’t following Drs orders from some young wet behind the ears, fresh out of med school know it all…. she’s been doing her own thing ever since! Brownie is currently living with 10 other dogs a 3 cats. She has free roam of the house and hasn’t had an accident inside even when I had to carry her out and support her with a sling. She thrives on routine. If you feed her at the same place and same time two days in a row, then she is waiting at that time and spot on day 3. She likes to grumble and complain, but it’s all good natured. When my dogs are wrestling, she’s barking and throwing bets on the winner. When she is comfortable and you want to sit down, she tells you to go somewhere else….She has an opinion about everything. Breakfast is to slow, the mailman is here, birds on are the deck….But, she is a great dog. Just has a crusty old lady personality. She loves riding. She does what she is told. Has great house manners! She will only go on transport if you can promise her a better team than Carolina Panthers. She’s not been impressed with them. She does enjoy some college football and has become partial to our local Clemson boys”!

It’s as if Brownie knows she has a 2nd chance at a wonderful life and is not going to take it for granted! She is a great girl! She climbs stairs and can jump into low chairs and on the couch. She runs full steam to the bottom of the yard to bark at the woods. ”

This girl has a strong will and is so fun to be around! Her personality has so much character! Stay tuned for more information as Brownie is a new rescue!

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Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

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