LocationShelburne, VT

Booker is 10 months old (approx. DOB 8-15-20), male, 60 lbs, vetted, is or will be neutered, and micro-chipped. Booker has doggy friends but enjoys being in a rural area and in a home where people are home more often than not. He has medium+ energy so an active home would be great for him! Per his current caretaker Booker typically enjoys several longs walks a day plus, time permitting, a trip to the off-leash dog park. He spends time on his lead when they are outside doing yardwork, etc. He often plays with the neighbor dogs. He’s very food-oriented so responds well to treats. He knows Sit, Stay, Shake, usually responds to his name (unless distracted, particularly with another dog he wants to play with). He’s very friendly but can play a little rough. He chases a ball, is working on the return part. He sleeps an average amount of time. The typical schedule is a morning walk around 6, breakfast, walk, nap time in crate if he is home alone or on his bed otherwise. Later in the morning, he walks again or goes to play. In the afternoons he sleeps again. Dinner at 6, walk at 7, relaxing time for evening. A final walk between 9-10, then bed. He spends time throughout the day taking shorter walks, or on his lead. He also plays a lot in the house with toys. He hasn’t quite grown out of chewing. No out of the ordinary behavior. He’s good with the kids, cuddly. But, he’s strong and he’s been known to jump on new kids but he adjusts quickly. He very much wants to say hi and it sometimes gets away from him a bit with jumping, sniffing, etc. He is the wiggliest, kindest little dude. He’s a total lovebug, really wonderful temperament, would benefit from an active household, probably with more than one adult, as well as some continued training. It might take him time to adjust but I think he would like another dog. He LOVES to play. Again, an active family would be best. He hikes great off-leash, has good recall, and he loves to run. A yard with toys, but one that is difficult to get out of. He’s smart and needs stimulation. He’s a wonderful dog and is looking forward to his furever family finding him. Stay tuned for more information as Booker is a new rescue!

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Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

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