LocationShelburne, VT

Alice is 7 years old (approx. DOB tbd), female, 12 lbs., vetted, is or will be spayed, and micro-chipped. Alice was originally rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia. In her current home Alice is good with other dogs, crate trained, likes to go for car rides, does not appear to have a prey drive, is good with cats, is a quieter girl (normal alert barking), and is potty trained. Alice has trick knees (luxating patella) that occasionally pop out of place; gently massage her knees back into joint and then she is back to normal. Alice loves running around in the back yard and chasing the tennis ball around the house every day. She knows “Sit, shake, down, leave it, come, go to your crate/go to bed”! Alice’s current home has a new baby and it is causing Alice much stress and anxiety; her new home would not have young children. She is so smart, sweet, and friendly when she isn’t preoccupied by anxiety! She loves to give hugs where she rests her head on your shoulder. Alice is not needy, so she’s a really pleasant companion. She’s the kind of dog who will sleep in your lap or at your feet while you watch TV. She would benefit from someone who enjoys training her, because she’s very smart, but her boredom manifests in turning in circles or barking at things, rather than chewing things. She likes moderate amounts of physical activity, but she doesn’t need to go on walks regularly if she has a yard. She just needs predictability and someone gentle.

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