BreedSaint Bernard
LocationShelburne, VT
StatusAvailable for Adoption

Mundo is 11 months old, male, 110 lbs, vetted, and will be neutered. Mundo is a purebred Saint Bernard from a breeder in New York that has since closed down. He will need an experienced home; he is an overgrown puppy that needs someone to understand the breed as well as dog language and the way he communicates. Yes he drools, sheds, and enjoys chewing on things but he is house trained! He is good with most other dogs but sometimes dogs do not like him (potentially due to him not being altered yet which will be done). He needs someone that will be soft with him but give him structure without intimidation or boldness that will put him on the defense. Mundo has been through a lot of changes which he did not take well. He does not like to be stared at nor have treats withheld from him; his past history is unclear. We do not know all of Mundo’s background and what he has been through but it seems he has not gotten what he needs for a well balanced existence. He needs someone willing to continue working with him to teach him. Currently he would do best in a home without small children and strangers coming and going frequently. He would do best in a home without a dominant male dog; and another dog would be younger like him as older dogs seem to get annoyed with him. He will need someone who will be patient with him while he learns and someone that will keep him on the right path. He is a low energy dog that is content to take naps during the day and sleep through the night. He is not a pup to be taken lightly just because he is adorable; we do know in the right home and with the right input he will become a loyal behaved family member. He needs a very experience owner.

If you are interested in adopting Mundo please fill out an Application.

Please note Fosters have 1st option of Adoption.

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